Controlled Telephone System
Controlled Telephone System

Controlled Telephone System
Controlled Telephone System
Controlled Telephone System
Controlled Telephone System
Controlled Telephone System
Controlled Telephone System
Controlled Telephone System










The Access Controlled Telephone System (ACTS) is a computer-based prison phone (pay telephone) system designed by Comsec TR Pty Ltd. 

ACTS offers a fully-integrated controlled access prison phone system specifically designed for use by inmates of correctional facilities. Development has been ongoing since 1992. Operational requirements of correctional services have been incorporated into the system. The module construction of ACTS enables the requirements of any user to be easily adopted.

In addition to the inmates permitted list of up to 10 numbers the system provides the  ability for inmates to call free of charge to the inmate, up to 20 nominated telephone numbers and approved selected Legal Numbers. CADL numbers are common throughout a centre and are intended to provide unlimited access to Legal Aid, the Ombudsman etc.

A period report provides details for charging to the relevant agency.

ACTS was designed to provide a secure outgoing inmate telephone service with remote replay and management functions.

Features of ACTS include

  • secure access to inmate account with a user ID and a confirmation PIN selected by the inmate that can be changed if required

  • only approved numbers can be dialled

  • calls are of specified duration and can be varied to suit centre requirements

  • allows inmates unlimited access to telephones, subject to available funds in the individualís account

  • inmates must have credit in the phone account to make private calls, calls to common numbers can be made if there is no funds in the individuals account. Individual accounts cannot go into debit

  • correctional centre staff to be more effectively deployed to other duties

  •  remote call monitoring and management

  • all calls other than those classified as legal are recorded in an encrypted format ensuring no changes are possible to the recording

  •  foreign language calls to be translated at later time (if optional voice recorder is installed)

  •  phone calls can be easily monitored in real-time via the LAN/WAN. Monitoring particular phone calls may be blocked just as easily as preventing calls from being recorded via the same profile settings. Calls may be manually cut off any time by an operator via the monitoring station.

  •  inmates obtain the benefit from call tariff reductions at specified intervals of each day

  •  a disciplinary tool by restricting call access for specified period for minor breaches of discipline  

  •  correctional centre management can obtain information concerning inmate telephone usage from an extensive range of detailed reports 

  • Review line usage, view all calls made by an Position or PIN, all calls made within a time parameter allocated to prisoners are encrypted to prevent unauthorised use of PINs.

  • Phone Number Analysis Identify commonly dialed numbers, times of call, duration and Inmate ID's used.


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controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system