controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system


The Access Controlled Telephone System (ACTS) is a computer-based pay telephone system designed by Comsec.TR Pty Ltd. (formally Arunta). Development has been ongoing since 1992. Due to the module construction of ACTS the requirements of any user can be easily adopted. controlled telephone system offers a fully integrated controlled access telephone system specifically designed for use by inmates of correctional facilities.

ACTS provides the ability for inmates to call free of charge to the inmate, up to 20 nominated telephone numbers. These are common throughout a centre and are intended to provide unlimited access to Legal Aid, the Ombudsman etc. A period report provides details for charging to the relevant agency.

ACTS was designed for DCS to provide a secure outgoing inmate telephone service with remote monitoring and management functions.

Benefits of controlled telephone system include

       correctional centre staff to be more effectively deployed to other duties

       remote call monitoring and management

       foreign language calls to be translated at later time (if optional voice recorder is installed)

       allows inmates unlimited access to telephones, subject to available funds in the individual’s account

       inmates obtain the benefit from call tariff reductions from time to time (if available)

       a disciplinary tool by restricting call access for specified period for minor breaches of discipline

       correctional centre management can obtain information concerning inmate telephone usage from an extensive range of reports

System Components

The major hardware components of controlled telephone system are:

Monitoring Personal Computer (MPC)

       operates in Windows W/S 2000 or later, environment

       housed in the Monitoring Console (19" rack)

       operating software for controlled telephone system

       Master device interfacing the operation of all devices for the system


       dedicated voice recorder system (DRS)

       line controller (LCU)


       designed to be a stand alone monitoring, administration and, management system

       can be attached to Correctional Centre Local Area Network /WAN, if required


Line Control Unit (LCU)

       Is the relay switching device securely connecting a dedicated exchange line a phone after the user has been verified on the system.

       Controls up to Ninety six telephone lines simultaneously.

        Does not interfere with local PABX lines and services

       Connects a voice line to the voice recorder.


Dedicated Voice Recorder System (DRS)

       records conversations and data via digital voice recording technology on to digital data tape.(up to 1200 channel hours)

       can record calls for up to Ninety Six payphones simultaneously.

       call data is stored on one of two digital recording tapes

       tapes are archived for a period specified by DCS.

       Secure access via the controlled telephone system MPC

       provides call playback functions from specific filter criteria such as ID, phone number, date and/or time


The Payphone

       is system specific in design and of robust construction.

       has a unique serial number which doubles as a system communication address.


       displays clear, simple and precise options and prompts to the user throughout each stage of operation. 

The controlled telephone system software is made up of three integrated modules and an optional voice recording system.


Multiplexer Unit

       interlinks the MPC and voice recorder units.

       contains interfaces for peripheral devices such as monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse


The controlled telephone system Monitoring Module 

       controls all hardware devices,

       performs necessary verifications prior to validating a user on the system, ie, inmate or officer,

       controls call monitoring operations and communicates and with the optional voice recording software.

       contains setup parameters for the site, zone call categories and phones.

       provides an audit trail of all usage and data entry functions


The Account Maintenance Module

       creates and maintains inmate and officer account records

       enables the transfer of inmate records between sites

       allows telephone number restriction

       allows targeting of inmates and/or telephone numbers

       enables Auto monitoring and recording to be set on individual inmates and/or telephone number(s)

       provides database archiving

       provides numerous reports of all aspects of system use

       is accessed from the MPC or optionally from a LAN 

An inmate account is created specifically for the inmate to place telephone calls subject to

       the approved numbers recorded on the account

       adequate funds available

       no limits in force 

An officer account is created to

       administer the system

       monitor telephone calls

       place telephone calls on behalf of inmates (Officer Initiated Calls)


The Finance Module

       credits and debits funds to inmate and/or officer accounts

       provides cashless transaction capability

       uses auto-generated sequential batch transaction numbers or batch numbers assigned by local administration

       provides audit trail of all transactions


System Features


controlled telephone system reflects the legislation and policies of Corrective Service agencies governing the use of telephones by inmates in correctional centres via setup parameters. These parameters, once determined, cannot be varied without the specific approval of DOCS executive management  

Individual telephones are installed within a zone. There are up to ten zones per site, each can have particular characteristics, i.e. phone access on and off times, the ability to make consecutive calls and time limits for each call category.

All telephone numbers nominated are classified to one of seven categories -






       additional, and


controlled telephone system has been specifically designed not to permit “Homelink”, 1800 freecalls, 13 series, 19 series, or reverse charge calls. This is to prevent abuse of “called party” phone accounts or intimidation. 


controlled telephone system is configured, each time the MPC is started, so there is no need for the user to access the Windows NT operating system. If, after starting the system the user attempts to log off, the system returns to the controlled telephone system operating software. There is no option for a user to shut down the MPC.

The controlled telephone system operating software can not be accessed without a valid Smartcard and PIN number. Depending on the security level, a password may also be required. There are five levels of security within controlled telephone system.

They are:


       Service Agent

       Intelligence User

       Administration  User

       Standard User

Officers of Administration Security Level or higher may, for example, vary the operational status of individual (or all) Payphones from the MPC, eg activating/deactivating phones without having to physically close off each phone.

controlled telephone system, while designed to operate on a stand-alone basis at the MPC,

       requires a valid user to logon to the MPC to access call monitoring and other functions

       can be attached to an existing DOCS Local Area Network and accessed from designated Administration Personal Computers.

       Requires users at an APC to logon to controlled telephone system as a valid user

       will only allow call monitoring  from the MPC

       has encrypted data on the recording tapes.


An audit log is updated every time a valid user logs onto the system, modifies account details, updates financial details, monitors calls or varies system parameters.


Payphone Usage 

The purpose of controlled telephone system is to provide inmates with a telephone system, which is accessible to make a call as often as required. For an inmate to make a call on the system they must have the minimum of

        a valid account,

       at least  one valid telephone number

       a credit balance equal to at least the minimum local call rate, eg $0.40 available credit.

 An officer initiated call provides for  emergency and welfare contingencies where an officer can place a call on behalf of an inmate with the option to charge to the inmate or officer account.

Calls from both categories are subject to monitoring and/or recording. Calls can be preceded by a pre-recorded announcement message. 

Monitoring Telephone Calls 

Once a valid user is logged onto controlled telephone system, the details of all calls in progress are displayed, in real time, on the monitoring screen at the Monitoring Console. There is no audio of any call until it is selected for monitoring or if an auto monitored alarmed telephone call is being made.


Telephone Call Recording. 

Call recording is subject to appropriate legislation and is achieved by the dedicated voice recorder which

        is synchronized to, and controlled by, controlled telephone system on the MPC

       can record up to Ninety Six Payphones simultaneously to HDD and copy to digital data tapes containing up to 360channel hours of conversation each

       records all calls in encrypted format

       archives each tape under DOCS specification

       provides call retrieval facilities for

       all calls on a particular tape or

       filtered by inmate ID, telephone number, date and/or time

       can not be accessed by unauthorized personnel

       calls of interest may be tagged for later examination.

       Allows for calls to be copied to audio tape or if required to a floppy disk or if the system is connected to a LAN files can be copied to any directory

       Allows for recordings to be attached to E-mail messages

       Call records are cross referenced to controlled telephone system databases for easy of recovery



controlled telephone system provides a comprehensive range of reports including.

  User Account details

  Restricted telephone numbers

  Alarmed numbers

-   Legal Numbers

-   Legal Number mismatch

  Call activity, with the ability to export to analyst software packages

  Audit trail

  Financial Transactions

  Call Recordings

  Call Activity Statistics

  Monitoring Actions


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controlled telephone system
controlled telephone system